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SmartCAE provides simulation solutions tailored to the field of Temperature Controlled Logistics. Use our software packages to get quick and accurate answers to pressing questions at low costs.


Performance Curve

The software SmartCAE Performance Curve allows you to determine a shipper’s performance curve, the characteristic thermal footprint of a passive shipper system. It represents the time a shipper can keep a payload within a specified temperature range as function of constant ambient temperature. This provides a well-defined reference that can be used to compare the thermal performance of different shipper systems.

Performance Curve

Temperature Profiles & Forecast

The software SmartCAE Temperature Profiles enables you to profile the temperature conditions of your global shipping lanes. Simply feed in waypoints and residence time, and the software generates lane profiles from its access to historical and 7-day forecast temperature data of thousands of weather stations worldwide. The profiles provide essential information to choose the right solution for your lane, and tailor your simulations and cold chamber tests to realistic lane conditions.

Temperature Profiles

Lane Risk

The software SmartCAE Lane Risk helps you answer one of the fundamental questions in temperature controlled logistics: what is the probability that a shipper system fails to keep the temperature-sensitive payload within a designated temperature range on a specific lane?

Lane Risk

Thermal Packaging

The software SmartCAE Thermal Packaging helps you determine the optimal design for your passive shippers. You are enabled to create a virtual prototype and instantly test it against arbitrary ambient temperature profiles. With our software you will find the best solution for your cold chain challenges faster and more cost-effectively.

Thermal Packaging

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