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Thermal Packaging

The software SmartCAE Thermal Packaging was especially developed to be an efficient, user friendly simulation tool to investigate the thermal behaviour of passive shippers.

Using the simulation you can easily build a virtual box. If you are used to minecraft, you are already an expert! You can virtually build up a prototype of your shipper and investigate each component individually as well as the thermal behaviour of your complete shipper. Your prototype can not only be exposed to an arbitrary ambient temperature, but also to tarmac temperature and solar irradiance in a very controlled manner. The simulation does not make conventional chamber testing obsolete; it rather helps you identify the best fitting shipper designs, thus reducing the number of actual chamber testing, ideally to one. The virtual approach enables you to test an almost unlimited variety of box designs and simultaneously saves time and reduces costs.

But that is not the only application of our software. You can create virtual versions of your already existing portfolio of passive shippers. Investigate their thermal behaviour along your shipping lanes, and identify potential risks and possible external hazards on these lanes. Find the actual cause of the temperature excursion of your shipper, whether it is a matter of shipper design or a flaw in the cool chain process.

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Lane Risk

The software SmartCAE Lane Risk helps you answer one of the fundamental questions in temperature controlled logistics: what is the probability that a shipper system fails to keep the temperature-sensitive payload within a designated temperature range on a specific lane?

Lane Risk


Performance Curve

The software SmartCAE Performance Curve allows you to determine a shipper’s performance curve, the characteristic thermal footprint of a passive shipper system. It represents the time a shipper can keep a payload within a specified temperature range as function of constant ambient temperature. This provides a well-defined reference that can be used to compare the thermal performance of different shipper systems.

Performance Curve



Profiles & Forecast

The software SmartCAE Temperature Profiles enables you to profile the temperature conditions of your global shipping lanes. Simply feed in waypoints and residence time, and the software generates lane profiles from its access to historical and 7-day forecast temperature data of thousands of weather stations worldwide. The profiles provide essential information to choose the right solution for your lane, and tailor your simulations and cold chamber tests to realistic lane conditions.

Temperature Profiles