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Die virtuelle Kühlkette

SmartCAE liefert Simulationslösungen die zugeschnitten sind auf die Herausforderungen der temperaturgeführten Logistik.
Erhalten Sie kostengünstig schnelle und zuverlässige Antworten auf Ihre Fragestellungen.

Temperature Profiles

With the software SmartCAE Thermal Profiles you can build ambient temperature profiles along all your individual shipping lanes. By having access to over 20.000 weather stations worldwide you are able to virtually test the performance of your passive shipper along a real-life lane. Alternatively, you could simply use your individually created temperature profile for cold chamber testing.

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Thermal Packaging

The software SmartCAE Thermal Packaging helps you determine the optimal design for your passive shippers. You are enabled to create a virtual prototype and instantly test it against your standard ambient temperature profiles. Using our software you will be able to find a faster and more efficient solution for your cold chain challenges.


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